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RTL's new song release date: June 14th

Our new song, Heaven Rains Down will be released on Friday, June 14th. This is our second release featuring our new singer, Melani Hess, not to mention the excellent drumming by our drummer, Nicole Trinchero!. This is one of the final songs for The Seven Deadly Sins Album.

You can preview it here:

Heaven Rains Down

Pre-order it here:


You can pre-save it here: 


HRD Song Cover - 1200x1200.png

RTL's new song is now available:
Released May 3rd!

Our new song, Devour All In Sight (Gluttony) was released on Friday, May 3rd. This is our first release featuring our new singer, Melani Hess. You do not want to miss this face-melter of a song. You can get it here: 




Amazon Music

RTL is pleased to announce our new lead singer, Melani Hess!

After an exhaustive months long search, Reap the Light (RTL) was blessed with thirteen significant auditions from some extremely talented vocalists. Beating out other impressive audition submissions, Melani rose to one of three finalists for the position. She set herself apart with a shocking audition of one of our demo songs we have yet to release. This effort sealed her position as the one to front RTL!


During the first eight years of her career, Melani used her soprano voice to achieve soaring vocals. Upon joining Keepers, given the band’s needs, she found the power of her chest voice, which she subsequently adopted since then. She will use both for her role in Reap the Light. Go to the Bio page to find out more about her!

photo by Maru Debiassi

Screenshot 2023-12-27 191302.png

Our next song, Betrayal was released on December 15th. We had the honor of collaborating with Jennifer Gruber from the band, Fireborn. Betrayal is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora and everywhere else. Tell them Jenny!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and Reap the Light together with Militia Vox and Jennifer Gruber put together a video to help raise the awareness. Please share this video around the world.

Reap the Light is proud to announce our latest collaboration for the song, Betrayal. We are teaming up with Jennifer Gruber from the band, Fireborn. Stay tuned for more updates!


Our collaboration with Māra Lisenko is done. The song, Fool the Day (Pride) is now available!

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