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     Reap The Light (RTL) are an American hard rock/metal band that formed in late 2020. RTL originally consisted of the core duo, Reverend Kuzz (bass/guitar) and Orion Hellraiser (guitars/drums). 

     Both members of RTL grew up on a steady diet of rock and heavy metal, though Reverend Kuzz was initially a published author. Wanting to write song lyrics, Kuzz decided he needed to work with an experienced musician, which led to working with Orion Hellraiser. 

     Having completed their debut album, Deliver Hell, they released a collaboration with Tim “Ripper” Owens (former singer of Judas Priest and present singer of KK's Priest) on a song called Back to Bedlam in May 2022. Later that year, RTL collaborated with Laura Guldemond (lead singer for Burning Witches), called Isolate (Sloth).

     After producing one album (Deliver Hell), Orion moved on to work on some other projects which led Kuzz to search for another music partner. After an exhaustive search, fate led Kuzz to Josh Williams. 

     Josh Williams is a musician, composer and producer from South Africa. Josh was heavily inspired by old-school metal and metalcore at the beginning of his musical journey. Now, Josh is driven by a love for modern progressive metal, production and innovative creative exploration. Though primarily a guitarist, Josh works with a plethora of instruments in creating progressive music.

       The group then looked for their next missing piece to bring some thunder to their music. Missing was the percussion cornerstone of all bands. This led the group to Nicole Trinchero who has a enormous amount of talent in various genres, but her dynamic playing of heavy metal sealed the deal. 

    For the first album and a few songs into the second, RTL collaborated with multiple vocalists to create an individual signature to each song. Wanting more consistency with actual members and to better establish the band's identity, RTL began the search for a permanent vocalist that lasted several months. After receiving over (15) auditions RTL initiated an exhaustive search that consisted of reviewing each vocal sample multiple times. When the entire process was done, RTL came to an unanimous decision to offer the job to a phenomenal female lead named Melani Hess. 

    Kuzz, Nicole, Josh, and Melani now set out to write a new album called The Seven Deadly Sins (SDS). SDS is a concept album based on the influence of the Seven Deadly Sins which is to include instrumentals and narrations. 


The Sum of Talented Parts

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Rev K

For more information on Rev K

Welcome to the Asylum!

Other contributors who have joined the insanity which is Reap the Light music.


Vocals on Betrayal

Jennifer Gruber

Fronted by powerhouse singer Jenny, and rounded out by Dennis, Raphael, Flo and Chris, German Metal /Rock act Fireborn produce unique and timeless music with strong passion, expressive vocals, and defining hooks.


Despite her young age, the petite singer stands out with her hard to delicate voice, extensive vocal range, and incredible sovereignty.

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Vocals on Fool the Day (Pride)

Mara Lisenko

Mara is a Latvian metal vocalist, vocal coach, and recording artist. With her former band MĀRA, she toured Europe, and performed together with metal giants such as Sepultura, Bloodywood, Arch Enemy, Satyricon, and more.

Since 2011 she is also a vocal coach teaching various extreme and clean singing techniques. She loves doing vocal covers, and her YouTube channel has now reached 1.7 million views and counting. 

She received the Best Vocalist award in the Latvian Metal Music Awards 2018 and 2 awards for the Best Album with my band MĀRA.

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Vocals on Desires of this World (Envy)

Militia Vox

Her music career began at age 8 with classical piano- from private study to playing recitals in malls and with concert choirs. In her teens, she quickly accelerated into becoming a regional and state award-winning concert pianist (Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland.)  

 She joined her first band, Disciples of Astaroth. After DOA disbanded, Militia moved to New York City and quickly established herself on the scene. 

Craving more creative freedom and a new sound, Militia Vox officially went solo in 2013. Militia Vox has won 3 Global Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist, Best Lyrics/Songwriting and Best in Genre: Alternative Metal. 


Vocals on Isolate (Sloth)

Laura Guldemond

Laura Guldemond is the crazy wildchild and frontwoman of the Burning Witches with whom she shares her love for old school metal and sets stages around the world on fire! Check out her other work and projects at Music and Patreon where you can support her and get exclusive merch and classic rock and metal covers.

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Vocals on Spread the Pain (Wrath)

Carolina Padrón

Carolina Padrón, is a metal and rock singer from Ecuador. She started her career when she was 18 years old and has worked with several bands during this time.  Currently she is the lead vocalist for the band, Black Purple. Carolina had the chance to be part of the opening of Hammerfall and Helloween show in Quito. She has  also worked in several projects with artists all around the world.

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Vocals on Back to Bedlam

Tim "Ripper" Owens

Tim “Ripper” Owens is a Grammy nominated American hard singer who first gained attention as the lead singer of Judas Priest (1996-2003) and then Iced Earth and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Tim currently tours the World as a solo artist and performs as the Lead Singer For the Bands KK’s Priest (featuring KK Downing of Judas Priest) A New Revenge, The Three Tremors, Charred Walls of the Damned.

The movie Rockstar ( Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston ) was loosely based on Tim’s time in Judas Priest! Tim just released a new Solo EP RIPPER “Return to Death Row” That was produced by Jamey Jasta

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