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   Having completed their debut album Deliver Hell, Reap the Light just completed a collaboration with Tim “Ripper” Owens (former singer for Judas Priest and present singer for KK's Priest with KK Downing) on a song called Back to Bedlam in May 2022.

     Reap the Light is working on a concept album called The Seven Deadly Sins. They are working with a different vocalist for each track.

     RTL reached out to Laura Guldemond from Burning Witches because of her amazing vocal range and delivery. She graciously accepted and they all collaborated on the sone Isolate. Laura was given a few different choices of songs to sing, and she chose Isolate (Sloth).

     The seven songs on the album will be released as they are completed. Hopefully around October of 2023, the album will be complete and released. The album will include additional tracks that will help transition the songs and set the theme and story for the concept.

Reap the Light - Projects

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