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Melani Hess

Bio of Melani Hess. 

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Melani's Story

Melani Hess is a singer from Rosario, Argentina. Currently, she is part of the metal band Reap the Light. She also is part of HESS and Beto Vazquez Infinity. She also takes part in an international project called DIO Knights, a tribute to Ronnie James Dio.

At the beginning of her singing career, her soprano singing influences were mainly  Lucia Popp, Yma Sumac, Maria Callas and Cecilia Bartoli. She never received a professional training, but she has taken private lessons with teacher Yamile Baidón for three years (2008-2010) and has sung opera arias in several singing exhibitions and choral encounters. Among the arias she performed were: Carmen (Bizet), Queen of the Night (Mozart), O Zittre Nicht (Mozart), Spargi D’amaro Pianto (Donizetti), Voices of Spring (Strauss), Ave Maria (Schubert), Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart). 

Her heavy metal journey began in 2007 with Nightwish cover band Euphemya. In 2010, she leaves the band to form HESS, currently her main band. In 2012, she co-founds Nightquest, and from 2013 to 2014 she takes part in gothic metal band Abrasantia. In 2015, a new project called Keepers is born — initially a Helloween cover band, which then released their debut album called “Rising Again” in 2017 with their own songs. Also in 2015, Melani takes part in Dio Knights project along with international musicians such as Mike LePond from Symphony X, with whom she records a version of Stargazer (Rainbow). In 2016, Melani joined Iron Maiden cover band Paschendale, performing at several shows, including being the support act for Blaze Bayley in 2016. In 2018, Keepers’ Rising Again won the Argentinean Award “Rosario Edita” for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album.

During the first eight years of her career, Melani used her soprano voice. Upon joining Keepers, given the band’s needs, she found the power of her chest voice, which she subsequently adopted since then, even for her main band HESS.

Melani has collaborated with both national and international bands, including: Lark Puden, Sacras, Silverheart, Paschendale (Iron Maiden tribute), Progrestination, DIO Knights, Canadian band Edge of Attack, and projects by German Oliver Bunz and MrDrummertheo. She has been invited by renowned musicians such as heavy metal singer Mario Ian and heavy metal bassist Beto Vazquez. It was amazing vocals that caught the eye of the band, Reap the Light. Melani was asked to submit an audition to sing permanently for the band. Beating out (13) other vocalists, Melani was offered the position and is now working on their first release with her at the vocal helm.

● 2012 - Blood & Iron (Demo)
● 2014 - Hagalaz (LP)
● 2016 - Sailor’s Cross (Single) 
● 2019 - Harpokrates (LP)
● 2023 - Aeon Of Ma’at [Part I] (EP)

Beto Vazquez Infinity
● 2021 - Mental Asylum (LP)
● 2022 - Live Asylum (LP)

● 2017 - Rising Again (LP)

Lark Puden
● 2014 - Stories Of A Mind Gone Astray (LP)

● 2013 - Eterna (EP)

Other appearances
● 2011 - “Abrasantia” by HÄXAN (lead vocals)
● 2014 - “Despertar” by La Tempestad (backing vocals)
● 2015 - “Aurora” interpreted by Federico Spinosa (lead vocals)
● 2015 - “Diamond Soul” by Silverheart (backing vocals)
● 2016 - “My Insanity” by Edge of Attack (lead vocals)
● 2016 - “Eternas Ruinas” by Sacras (guest vocals)

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