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Nicole Trinchero

Bio of Nicole Trinchero. 

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Nicole's Story

Nicole was born and raised in a small town called Ranchos, located in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Even as a child, she felt a very strong connection with music: when she was eight years old, she began playing the piano, and at twelve years old, she started taking guitar lessons… but her dream was always the drums. It was not until she was eighteen years old that she went to La Plata City to work, that she was able to buy her first drum set with her very first job, and begin her career as a drummer, taking drum lessons in between her work shifts.


Nicole was all over metal music, and after participating in several small bands she was invited to be a part of The Nothing, releasing one EP and one album, this was her first participation in an album. Afterwards, she formed UnFear, producing two albums and one EP, and then her major band was Acroma; they released three albums and played several gigs. After the pandemic she took a solo path, creating personal projects like "Scale To Infinity" and collaborative projects like "Chaos Rising", a project of women metal heads from all over the world that seeks to increase female participation and visibility in metal music.


At the moment, she has diversified the music styles that she plays including rock, pop, jazz, fusion, folklore and of course, metal; this allowed her to start working as a session drummer, a job that has opened countless doors for her to participate in songs, albums and even bands around the world, composing and recording drum lines of a lot of styles.      

Reap the Light noticed Nicole on YouTube during a search for a new drummer. Her playing caught the band's attention due to her dynamic, but also aggressive metal style. Upon further review they were pleasantly surprised by her rhythmic style to play other genres. Nicole was given a complex song with multiple tempo changes to create the drum tracks for. She killed it! RTL also had her perform a drum through of a song they had already written. Upon the completion of that, RTL was so impressed, they immediately offered Nicole a position with the Reap the Light band as their drummer and collaborative song writer. 

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