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Harry Combrinck

Bio of Harry Combrinck. 

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Harry's Story

Harry started his guitar playing journey around the age of 13 and has performed professionally around South Africa on stages ranging from the smallest little pubs to massive music festivals. He has performed live on numerous radio stations and has performed on local TV as well with his guitar playing.

Harry was a guitar teacher for around 3 years while starting up his own recording studio and rehearsal space for bands. He has made a very good name for himself as one of the top 5 guitar technicians in South Africa due to his absolute love for the 6 stringed instrument.

After the Covid 19 Lockdowns Harry closed down his studio when he and his wife Sharlene started a YouTube channel named Songs and Thongs where they currently do reaction videos to a vast variety of music, but mostly within the heavier side of things.

It was through this YouTube channel that Harry and Sharlene fell in love with Reap the Light and started conversing with Rev K. Forward a year or so down the line and Rev K approached Harry to join the Reap the Light project. Today, along with Josh Williams, they are creating new music as Reap the Light!

Songs & Thongs links: 

Reaction Channel

Live Stream


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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